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How to Win Custody of Your Kids

Having spent hundreds of hours in court, Fred has put together the missing personal preparation and organized plan to aid you and your attorney in overcoming your custody challenges. This course is being offered at a one-time fee with lifetime access for $297, or with unlimited eMail support at $497 or unlimited phone coaching at $697.

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  • Do you find yourself struggling to understand the custody court system?
  • Does it seem like you have no idea what to do to help your attorney in your case?
  • Are you worried that your Ex isn’t the best parent to raise your kids?
  • Are you ready to take the important steps YOU NEED to retain or win custody of your children?

You shouldn’t have to go onto the field of child custody battles unarmed. This course will show both fathers AND mothers, grandparents, guardians, anyone with children at stake how to help set yourself up for success in court. Just like any other area of life, court has human drama, and how you present yourself, and how well you PLAN AHEAD matters in family court.

Years ago, I got full custody of my daughter, and I’ve put this course together to help YOU do the same for your family. Your attorney is an expert at LAW, but you’re expert at parenting your child. I want this course to help you and your attorney overcome custody challenges in and out of the courtroom.

NOTE: We are currently re-writing, updating, and revising this course. Join today before we release and raise prices. Existing members will get the revision course as well!

How to Win Custody of Your Kids Course

Full Online Course

(one-time fee)Lifetime Access to Course & Updates

  • 4 Complete Custody Modules
  • 21 Topical Videos
  • 15 Custody Forms, Homework & Downloads
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Full Online Course & eMail Support

(one-time fee)Lifetime Access to Course & Updates

  • 4 Complete Custody Modules
  • 21 Topical Videos
  • 15 Custody Forms, Homework & Downloads
  • Unlimited eMail Questions & Answers
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Full Online Course, eMail & Phone Support

(one-time fee) Lifetime Access to Course & Updates

  • 4 Complete Custody Modules
  • 21 Topical Videos
  • 15 Custody Forms, Homework & Downloads
  • Unlimited eMail Questions & Answers
  • Unlimited Phone Questions & Answers
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Overview of Some of the Course Videos

The How to Win Custody of Your Kids online course will cover 21 parent centric videos to help you with a variety of topics you need in addition to legal representation.

Personal Life 2.0

From a Clean Mouth to a Clean Life.
Dealing with a Social Study.
Courts View on Friends and Families.
Dating and Remarriage.
Dealing with the Ex.
Thankless Jobs of Step-Parenting.


Home Life Changes

What Does the Court System Look For?
Kids Need Their Own Room.
From Animal House to Family Ties.
Disneyland Dad to Routine Ron/
The Involved Custodial Dad.
Kids Activities & Spiritual Enrichment.


Your Advocate, Your Attorney

Do I Really Need an Attorney?
Where's the Best Place to Find a Lawyer?
20 Questions I Need to Ask an Attorney
What Does It Cost to Win?
How Can I Help My Attorney?
What to Do If You Can't Afford One.


Letters & Correspondence for Court

How to Properly Document.
Proper Communications with the Ex.
To Discuss or Not Discuss with the Ex.
Stick to the Facts Jack.
Dealing with False Accusations.
Co-Parenting Vacation Planning


Your Court Proceedings

Court Witnesses Needed for Trial.
Organizing a Well Run Custody Case.
Pre-Final Run Through.
Your Custody Days in Court.
Life After Final Orders.
The Art of Winning and Losing.


Photo Albums for Court

Pictures are Worth a 1000 Witnesses.
The Value of a Parent Driven Selfie.
Documenting Life One Click at a Time
Powerful Photo Secrets for Court.
How to Present Pictures in Court.
The Do-It-Yourself Album Kits.


The Three Elements of Each Course Segment


Topical Video Presentations

21 topical course videos ranging from 15 - 30 minutes are provided that you can watch and review in the privacy of your browser. Each video deals with timely discussions to aid in each element of your custody case preparation.


Downloadable Presentations, Worksheets & Homework

In addition to video presentations, there will be download worksheet in almost all the course. Furthermore, there will be homework assignments that will aid in preparing evidence and assisting your attorney in your case.

Unlimited eMail & Initial Phone Coaching Support

Divorce and custody is a lonely and scary endeavor. We want to give you additional options for unlimited eMail and phone support.


  • Organized clients save money.  Fred’s tips helps make better clients.

  • I loved it when Fred offered weekend courses in Austin!   Bring the course online–outstanding!